ECTA Digitalization Workgroup: Subteam 1

invoicing data standards within chemical logistics

Workgroup Goal

The Digitalization Workgroup Goal is to publish a recommendation and guidance for mapping/formatting of data interfaces when exchanging invoice data.

Start and planned publication

March 2022 – October 2022

Problem Statement

Various standards (e.g. xml CIDX, EDIFACT IFTFCC, etc.) are used in the sector for the exchange of invoice data between supply chain actors. However, all of them have similar problems caused by free text fields (unstructured data) as well as individually interpreted mapping of the data fields.

ECTA could make a recommendation and guidance to the sector on 1-2 existing standards for transmission of invoice data related to freight costs and extra costs for transport and rental services. The recommendation could be based on an existing standard. ECTA could publish a guidance on the mapping/format of the data to be used by all involved stakeholders.

With an official ECTA standard for invoice data, data quality could be significantly improved through standardized and unambiguous structuring and regulation of content.

The aim would also be to prevent unstructured data in general free-text fields in the data exchange. This would significantly increase process efficiency as manual post-processing/ interpretation of the free text field data would no longer be necessary.

ECTA Workgroup & Project Management Office

WG Project Lead: Cederic Walti (Bertschi)

ECTA Project coordination: Peter Devos (ECTA)

Jonathan Richards (Suttons)
Thies Grage (HOYER)
Uwe Meuer (Talke)
Tayfun Oezcan (VTG)

Logistics Service Provider: Bertschi, HOYER, Suttons, Talke, VTG

Connectivity/Platform Provider: Elemica, Transporeon