ECTA ZEKP Webinar “How to prepare as carrier for the European Green Deal directive” 21.06.2023


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This ECTA Zero Emission Knowledge Platform Webinar, hosted by ECTA and presented by Talke and GCA focuses on “How to prepare as carrier for the European Green Deal directive”. Learn about their experiences, learnings and raise questions. The Webinar looks at the Status quo and background on the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive Reporting Standards.

  • Introduction and general overview
    • who is affected & when
    • definitions & clarification of terms
  • Content of the reporting standards
    • structure & topics (mandatory & voluntary)
    • process & visualization
    • short excursion: EU-Taxonomy as part of the CSRD
  • Task for every company
    • Recommendations & starting with the first steps

1. Introduction by Evert de Jong (ECTA RC Director)
2. Theory of CSRD (Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive) by Sonja Becker (Talke)
3. Implementation experience of LSP (Panel Discussion and Q&A) by Talke and GCA
4. FAQ and questions of particicipants by Talke and GCA
5. Follow up by ECTA

To whom is this Webinar addressed?
Companies which benefit most of this Webinar are currently preparing for the implementation of the European Green Deal regulations.
Nonetheless the Webinar will be interesting  for all people working in SHEQ and Sustainability of logistics.

What benefit does a participating company have?
The Webinar is structured into presentation of experiences and a Questions&Answers session for the audience. Take this opportunity to raise questions and exchange experience.

What is the investment? 
We do not charge this Webinar, as we think the exchange of knowledge to improve our total industry should always be for free. With the same strategy we host our ECTA Zero Emission Knowledge Platform.
Your investment is one hour of your time.

How can I join?
Register for free and we will send you the Microsoft Teams Webinar Link.
After the Event the presentation and the participants contacts (if you do not disagree) will be sent to the participants.

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