ECTA Annual report 2016

As in previous years, the consolidation of the reported data by ECTA Responsible Care members was a rather heinous task again. It is ECTA’s objective to open the Responsible Care membership to all full members of ECTA. Reqirements are harmonization and standardization between the various types of logistics services. To conclude all data ECTA uses one format of KPI report for all members. However, this ECTA Annual Report 2016 shows all improvements and challenges. 

Over the past two years we questioned our consolidated figures for CO2 emissions regarding their applicability. Nonetheless ECTA RC members provide data as they apply to their individual type of operations. This results a mixed use of calculation methodologies in the annual KPI reports. While one
member does a full activity-based calculation, another member uses a 100% fuel-based calculation. A third one uses a combination of fuel-based and activity-based calculations. 

This report reflects the emissions data collected for the year 2016. Our conclusion was that the current ECTA/Cefic CO2 calculation methodology needs to be improved. Read all plans in the ECTA Annual Report 2016.