ECTA Workgroup: driver shortage

Workgroup Goal

This new ECTA workgroup aims to create actions on two levels. 
1. Improve the daily workflows for Drivers and give them a voice that counts via the ECTA Drivers APP
2. Improve the attractiveness of the Driver Profession long term

Start and planned end

June 2022 – open end

Problem Statement

The shortage of chemical truck drivers has meanwhile passed a threshold level and becomes a real industry challenge to move chemicals across Europe. Both shippers and transport partners will urgently need to adjust to this new reality whereby the availability of truck drivers remains limited. Moreover, all stakeholders will need to rethink their operational processes and how to organize logistics by improving the utilization and productivity of chemical drivers.

ECTA Workgroup driver shortage participants

WG Project Lead: Andreas Zink (LKW WALTER

Luc Haesaerts (Haesaerts Intermodal)
Alphonse Laffont (Samat Group)
Alberto Marenzana (MRZ Group)
Michael Schaaf (Bay Logistics)
Siegfried Ott (Schmidt Heilbronn)
Adrian Zuber (Bertschi)
Timo Schäfer (Talke)
Jan Hendrik Albers (Kube&Kubenz)
Rick van den Dool (GCA Route France)
Attila Toth (HOYER)
Nick van der Gaag (Den Hartogh)
Erwin Spaanderman (Panalon)
Peter Devos (ECTA)
Estelle Zink (ECTA)