Responsible care (RC)

ECTA believes that Responsible Care is the best strategy for its members to communicate their continuous efforts in SHEQ. SHEQ stands for Safety, Health, Environment and Quality. With this label they show their customers in the chemical industry, that sustainable supply chains become major importance.

Joining ECTA RC means implementing RC principles into the company’s strategy, management and daily operations.

ecta responsible care history

Responsible Care is a worldwide initiative developed by the chemical industry and is a commitment to continuous improvement in all aspects of safety, security, health and environmental performance.
The ECTA RC program is based on an agreement between ECTA and Cefic.

ecta rc principles and 2025 charter

The ECTA membership is based on RC principles and sets the focus on the ECTA Responsible Care 2025 Charter.

benefits of an ecta rc membership

There are numerous benefits to being a Responsible Care member and following the ECTA RC program.

View the benefits, requirements and application details.

ecta rc documents and faq

ECTA RC members are required to submit their RC KPI data annually. Moreover, it is mandatory to submit an Annual Improvement Plan. 

Read the FAQ to the ECTA RC KPI Forms.

ecta zero emission knowledge platform

This ECTA Platform (ZEKP) provides documents, references and relevant information regarding the goal of a Zero Emissions Transport Industry. The aim is to provide and exchange knowledge relevant for Logistic Companies to work towards the emissions targets of 2030 and 2050.