Scope of the ECTA RC Program

Several times during the past 7 years we have been asked regarding the benefits of ECTA’s Responsible Care program.

ECTA RC program does:

  • We do represent both large and small logistics companies if they are our members.

ECTA RC program does not:

  • We are not involved in commercial issues like our members are.
  • We do listen to individual chemical companies when they are sharing HSSE and Sustainability information.
  • We do not consider individual chemical companies as our customers.
  • We use RC templates in SQAS questionnaires as our admittance level for RC membership as well as indication for an improvement program.
  • We do not check each and every SQAS report on compliance. We do spot checks to see if RC requirements are met.
  • We do facilitate members representatives (and others) to design and write best practice guidelines for HSSE and Sustainability facets of logistic activities.
  • We do not offer RC membership to ECTA members if they have no transport activities.
  • We do offer ECTA RC members the option to integrate their activities of Warehousing and Tank Cleaning into the ECTA RC Program.
  • We are not a lobbying organization.
  • We do listen to individual requests from members, see if we can translate them in ECTA basic positions and follow up on them.
  • We are addressing key issues in the interest of our members. Even if that does not make us popular with the customers of our members.
  • We are collecting best practice ideas from our RC members through annual KPI reporting and share them anonymously. Not only to members but to everybody.
  • We organize webinars to facilitate knowledge sharing on sustainability matters. These webinars are open to everybody and free of charge.
  • We communicate about safety and sustainability trends in our annual report.
  • We create standards and encourage digital collaboration amongst all stakeholders to improve RC and sustainability across chemical logistics.

You decide if our RC program is a reason to support ECTA, either as full or as associate member.

With our positive approach the glass is always full. We welcome your comments to make the ECTA RC program even better.