ECTA Annual report 2019/20

ECTA again this year has the pleasure to present its Annual Report 2019/20. This report has a special nature. 

We’ve all faced changes in our everyday lifes because of COVID-19, including ECTA, its members and all stakeholders considerably. The consequences of the Pandemic have a huge impact on daily working lives for most people in our industry. Our members have been working with lockdowns, restrictions of movement, personal protection in offices, home offices and more.

Transport activities so far continued luckily without much interruption. This means that our members’ drivers did continue to do their jobs ‘as normal’. The fact that the world around these drivers changed much made their life even more difficult. Due to restrictions they faced closed restaurants, closed bathrooms and limited other hygienic facilities. 
Drivers deserve our respect for their handling with the circumstances. Especially during the first months when everybody tried to find a way to handle the situation. 

In this Annual Report 2019/2020, we explain the progress on the Responsible Care program made in 2020. We take a look back at the ECTA 2019 RC KPI’s. We zoom in on the work done by the ECTA digitalization workgroup. The importance of supply chain visibility and the opportunities with different electronic freight documents is addressed.
Moreover, the new ECTA-Cefic Best Practice Guideline on driver availability & qualification is addressed.
We finalize this Annual Report with the update of the ECTA organization and ECTA members.