Challenges in chemical logistics

Our industry, like all, faces challenges. In order to overcome and learn from these, each part of the supply chain needs to work efficiently and together as a network.


Covid-19 increased the challenges for the chemical transport sector, as well as it did for all industries. Luckily, all ECTA Members did their best and delivered their hardest work to keep the business and supply chain running smoothly while keeping Responsible Care in mind.

Next to Covid-19, our industry faces challenges like a very slow progress in digitalization and the lack of drivers. Challenges like these can be managed successfully when the whole industry starts working together. Moreover we need to start re-thinking how logistics can be done in a more efficient and effective way. As an example, each part of the supply chain needs to implement standardized electronical documents (eECD, ePPL, eCMR). With this our industry can guarantee a faster, safer, more economic and transparent way of working together.

To employ better trained drivers and staff, more time and money needs to be invested in trainings and salary. In addition, more best practice standards must be implemented along the logistics and transport chain. With this, we can increase the performance of the whole industry in terms of quality and competitiveness.

Last but not least, each company and person need to be encouraged to focus on plastics waste, CO2 emissions reduction and a green way of working. Let’s guarantee a safe, sustainable and healthy future for our world and industry.