ECLIC and EFTCO eECD 2.0 moves forward internationally in 2024

In Q3 2023, ECLIC launched its hybrid eECD 2.0 solution together with ECTA, essensciaCefic and EFTCO. This eECD 2.0 is now a valid EFTCO Cleaning Document whereby each eECD is foreseen with a unique EFTCO standardized QR code to check the eECD cleaning validity.
More EFTCO info on the eECD can be found here.
In addition, this new eECD 2.0 solution supports the co-existence of paper and digital cleaning documents and allows each company along the chemical logistics chain to digitalize at their own priority and speed without blocking each other.

As of Q1 2024, ECLIC is also upgrading its technical architecture and is adapting its eECD platform via NxtPort International to meet the latest Microsoft security standards. Besides, further steps are taken to grow and move internationally whereby the eECD cleaning document will become available in 6 languages being EN, GE, FR, NL, ES and IT.

Meanwhile, the ECLIC community grows gradually and regularly welcomes new ECLIC members that prepare the digital eECD 2.0 transition. While this digital transition has turned out to be more complex and takes more time given than anticipated three years ago, the technology has proven to be ready to move digitally forward. What becomes clear is future transport and logistics services in terms of safety, sustainability and efficiency are driven by the speed on how relevant, standardized and accurate data can be exchanged amongst all logistics actors to serve the final customer better.