ECLIC Plans 2022

The ECLIC digital collaboration community is gradually enlarging and they welcomed in the last quarter Roos Spedition, Dow Europe and Pastuschka cleaning services as most recent members. Meanwhile the Association counts more than 50 subscribed companies with more than 600 users and plans to share more than 100.000 of e-documents along a chain of different logistics actors as of next year.

Each company remains owner of its data and the enriched data obtained through the digital collaboration process are flowing back to each company to ensure data value is created by the data owners only. Besides, chemical industry standards are being introduced together with a neutral and not-for-profit data governance model. 

Since early December, ECLIC members are now able to share the eECD (electronic EFTCO cleaning), eECO (electronic Cleaning Order), ePPL (electronic previous load) and eDD (electronic Depot Declaration) information via completely dematerialized data streams amongst eachother. In addition, The eEQUIP Use Case is launched to share bulk equipment master data in line with the recent announced ECTA guideline. All these new functionalities immediately contribute to the further simplification of the admin processes at (un)loading gates and help to reduce the waiting times for truck drivers.

ECLIC Publication plans 2022

As of next year, they will develop an enhanced and EFTCO standard eECD 2.0 process starting in BE, NL and GE to prepare the path towards a 100% digital eECD process. This new process, will allow all companies to work digitally once they are ready to make the switch. The eECD 2.0 strategy is to move away from paper as summarized in the visual here below. ECTA will inform its members as we move forward on this path.

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