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This year we plan on having a paperless Event again. Therefore, we offer you this page for all information you need. This page will be permanently updated until all final documents and sheets are available to you. Stay tuned and check from time to time! 

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Participants list

  • Andreas Zink (LKW WALTER)
  • Peter Devos (ECTA)
  • Evert de Jong (ECTA)
  • Estelle Zink (ECTA)
  • Steve Rowland (ECTA)
  • Markus Bilk (Bertschi AG)
  • Florian Modrich (ZF Group – Transics International BV)
  • Pascal Vermeulen (Rmi chemicals)
  • Tobias Schreiber (Curt Richter SE)
  • Reimund Brenke (Curt Richter SE)
  • Janet Schröder (Curt Richter SE)
  • Francis Crouch (Log4Chem GmbH)
  • Kirry MUKHERJI (Log4Chem GmbH)
  • Bernhard Haidacher (LKW Walter)
  • Iwan De Block (VAN MOER BULK & LIQUIDS NV)
  • Maxim Letange (VAN MOER BULK & LIQUIDS NV)
  • Michael Roth (RINNEN GmbH & Co.KG)
  • Frank Tesch (FTB Frank Tesch Beratungsgesellschaft für Transport & Logistik mbH)
  • Matthias Riedel (FTB Frank Tesch Beratungsgesellschaft für Transport & Logistik mbH)
  • Ingo Wiese (Hoyer GmbH Internationale Fachspedition)
  • Elmar Ockenfels (Port of Antwerp-Bruges)
  • Rob Lips (LyondellBasell Industries)
  • Ulrich Maixner (HOYER GmbH Internationale Fachspedition)
  • Jan Arnet (Bertschi AG)
  • Adrian Zuber (Bertschi AG)
  • John Sutton (Suttons International Ltd)
  • Raisa Santos (Rinnen GmbH & Co KG)
  • Hermann Rinnen (Rinnen GmbH & Co KG)
  • Jochen Fink  (Rinnen GmbH & Co KG)
  • Wesley Haaksma (Shippeo)
  • Vikash Chindoora (Shippeo)
  • Rick van den Dool (GCA ROUTE FRANCE)
  • Mehmet Serdar Çarhoğlu (LGT Lojistik A.Ş.)
  • Juha Hiltunen (Admor Composites Ltd)
  • Daniel Hauffe(Samat International AB)
  • Maurice Seleski (Samat International AB)
  • Alphonse Laffont (GROUPE SAMAT)
  • Mario Bosch (Van Opdorp Transportgroep)
  • Michael Schaaf (BAY LOGISTIK GmbH & CO.KG)
  • Peter Viebig (VERVAEKE)
  • Jörg Wille (MOVE INTERMODAL N.V.)
  • Luc Haesaerts (Haesaerts Intermodal)
  • Roeland Smets (Alders International Transport)
  • Jurgen Vermeire (Trafuco)
  • Alberto Marenzana (MRZ GROUP)
  • Paul Keegel (GARDNER DENVER BE N.V.)
  • Claude Yvens (Transport Media)
  • Wolfgang Siepmann (A. Siepmann GmbH)
  • Ger Boessen (RB Intermodal BV)
  • Henk Hofman (Tankceu EESV)
  • Sabine Bauer (EXSIF Worldwide GmbH)
  • Christian Zimmermann (EXSIF)
  • Egon Bergmans  (Overmeer Transport B.V.)
  • Nicole Sommerlatte (DACHSER SE)
  • Neal Baetens (Yara Belgium (Yara International ASA))
  • Klaus Wessing (VTG Rail Logistics GmbH)
  • Marc van Alphen (VOS BULK LOGISTICS B.V.)
  • Philippe Francois (TANK MANAGEMENT SAS)
  • Hans-Jörg Bertschi (BERTSCHI AG)
  • Joep Aerts (Den Hartogh Liquid Logistics BV)
  • Massimo Vecchi (INTERMODALTRASPORTI S.r.L.)
  • Francisco Hernandez (INTERMODALTRASPORTI S.r.L.)
  • Birthe Neding (Helm AG)
  • Daniel Furchtmann (Helm AG)

  • Thies Grage (HOYER GmbH Internationale Fachspedition)
  • Kees de Rijke (DE RIJKE GROUP)
  • Geert De Wilde (Nxtport International BV)
  • Hans A. Petersen (IAT A/S)
  • Wolfgang Zwinger (Kube & Kubenz GmbH & Co. KG)
  • Rob Van Mook (JCL Logistics Benelux)
  • Claus Sigmund (JCL Logistics Benelux)
  • Andreas Dirix (LBC Tank Terminals)
  • Werner Weber (Gruber GmBH & co. KG)
  • Thomas Intrup (Gruber GmBH & co. KG)
  • Stefan Bartens (BASF SE)
  • Paul van de Vorle (Van den Bosch Transporten B.V)
  • Rico Daandels  (Van den Bosch Transporten B.V)
  • Antonio MONTERO (PAÑALON S.A.)



  • Annika Kroon (DG Move)
  • William Garcia (Cefic)
  • Joost Naessens (Cefic)
  • Marnix Mondria (LyondellBasell)
  • Luca Senis (Dow)
  • Kirsti Gjertsen (Port of Antwerp-Bruges)
  • Patrick Meersmans (Sabic)
  • Frank Kuijpers (Sabic)
  • Stefan Siegemund (VTG)
  • Jan Fransoo (University of Tilburg)
  • Evert de Jong (ECTA)
  • Peter Devos (ECTA)
  • Steve Rowland (ECTA)

speaker information

Annika Kroon:

Annika Kroon is head of the Maritime Transport and Logistics Unit in the Directorate General for Mobility and Transport in the European Commission. The unit deals with sustainable maritime policies, maritime markets and international maritime agreements, but also with digital and sustainable intermodal freight transport and logistics. Annika is an economist with Master’s degrees in Cybernetics in Economy and International Finance, having devoted last 13 years to transport policy. In her earlier assignments in the European Commission, she was involved in setting up the impact assessment framework for new policies.

Jan Fransoo:

Jan Fransoo is Professor of Operations and Logistics Management in the School of Economics and Management at Tilburg University. He is also a visiting professor at Eindhoven University of Technology and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Fransoo’s current research studies decision-making in global logistics chains and retailing. Fransoo regularly collaborates in research and consulting with large corporations, technology start-ups, national and regional governments, and intergovernmental organizations. He has held leadership positions at Eindhoven University of Technology and Kuehne Logistics University, and was a co-founder of the Netherlands National Logistics Institute Dinalog.

Stefan Siegemund:

Stefan Siegemund has been responsible for Business Development New Energies at VTG since May 2022. Before joining VTG, Mr Siegemund was Head of Alternative Energy Sources and Mobility at the German Energy Agency (dena). He also spent several years managing projects at the interface between renewable energies and logistics in the Ministry of Economics of the State of Brandenburg and in the Transport Logistics Research Group at the Technical University of Wildau.

more details about speakers to follow soon.

Helpful Links and information

Hazardous Cargo Bulletin (HCB) is the leading international magazine for the hazmat professional, featuring regular updates on current and future regulations, as well as detailed analysis of the dangerous goods supply chain. The monthly magazine, which has been the #1 voice on the transport of dangerous goods since 1980, is supplemented by a free weekly newsletter and rolling news on the website. To get exclusive access you can sign up as a free member here: 


To follow until Event day.


Please feel free to download all documents here.  

location and hotel information

HYATT Regency Hotel Dusseldorf
Speditionstraße 19
40221 Dusseldorf
HYATT Website

We blocked a certain number of rooms at the HYATT with an ECTA Event Discount (Group Code) with the code G-EC23. The discount booking is open until 18.10.2023 or as soon as the room contingent is booked. We recommend to be fast!

The HYATT hotel has a parking garage but with very limited spaces. Parking spaces cannot be booked and are not managed by ECTA. We recommend to look for parking alternatives close by.