ECTA Driver APP – Status, plans and how to contribute

The ECTA Driver APP is currently being finalised. The ECTA Driver Shortage Workgroup worked hard on creating a perfect requirement sheet for the usage, look and performance.
Always keeping the improvement of the driver´s daily workflows as number one priority, the APP usage will focus on being easily understandable, fast and transparent.

The ECTA Driver APP can only grow with everyone´s active participation by joining the APP, inviting drivers and submitting location data all over Europe.
For the start, the ECTA Driver APP will provide 100+ (un)loading locations in Belgium, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, France, Spain and more European countries for ratings.

It is important to us that Drivers do feel safe and not judged by submitting an honest rating. All ratings will be anonymously published in average scores per rating category and can be viewed publicly. Whilst sharing this data, we want to be as transparent as possible and to motivate the individual (un)loading locations to improve their workflows reflected in their ratings.

publication plan

In quarter two of 2023, the ECTA Driver APP will start its test period with a handful of ECTA Member companies and their drivers.
This period´s aim is to fix bugs, improve usage flows and start gathering data about the first implemented 100+ (un)loading locations in Europe.

After this test period, the ECTA Driver APP will be opened to all ECTA Full Members and their drivers.

How to contribute

We warmly invite everyone to contribute to the ECTA Driver APP with the goal of improving the Driver Shortage in Europe!
Options for contribution to the ECTA Driver APP are depending on your activity.

  • You are an ECTA Full Member? Reach out to us with your interest to join the APP after the test period!
  • You are a Driver? Reach out to your company/companies that are ECTA Full Member with your interest of joining.
  • You are a chemical (un)loading site or terminal? Reach out to us with your interest to provide your locations´ data!
  • You are not an ECTA Full Member but want to see specific (un)loading locations in the ECTA Driver APP? Reach out to us with your interest to provide your locations´data!