ECTA Drivers APP – Status update

The ECTA Drivers APP is now on the market for some months and we are happy to share the latest update with you!

  • 990+ locations
  • 1290+ drivers
  • One third of our ECTA Members use the APP regularly 

what we learned so far

Thanks to all active ECTA members who motivate their (sub)contracted drivers to use the ECTA DRIVERS APP, we learned that the functionality of the APP is easy to understand and use. Moreover, we received feedback that the aim of the APP, to improve the drivers´ work conditions, is very welcomed. 

On the other hand, we learned that there is still much room for improvement regarding the daily usage of the ECTA DRIVERS APP. Main reason is that the ECTA DRIVERS APP is a new step requiring some training and adoption time to be integrated in the workflow of drivers.  To improve this, we learned that we need to partly rely on our ECTA Members and ECTA Partners, who need to continue to engage with their drivers. The other part is more an ECTA responsibility to find ways to issue Driver Certificates for the most active drivers and to show our mutual respect and gratitude to move chemicals around. 

this is coming next

native ecta drivers app

Since the launch of the ECTA DRIVERS APP, we gathered feedback by the registered drivers about their needs and wishes. The most often submitted feedback was the need for a Native APP to make the usage even more convenient and faster. 
We are happy to share that our native ECTA DRIVERS APP will come this summer.

ratings on equality, diversity and inclusion

Moreover, to focus on equality, diversity and inclusion, the Native APP will come with an additional rating feature “Is this (un)loading location lady friendly?”. This feature should make it possible to see if lady-friendly facilities are in place and how female drivers are welcomed. 

My favorite locations

Another feature of the Native APP will be the possibility to mark “favorite locations”. This feature will allow driver to find their most visited locations even faster.

collaboration with shippers, (un)loading locations and terminals

Given the high number of (un)loading locations and terminals across Europe and to be able to focus on certain key locations, ECTA decided to consider the ECTA DRIVERS APP as joint opportunity. With the agreed collaborations, the shippers can highlight their support of the ECTA DRIVERS APP in line with their own focus programs on driver well-being and respect. 

Please note that these collaborations are meant to create some (un)loading focus which will not influence the drivers´ ratings itself. Drivers can continue to feel safe to leave honest ratings. 


With the growing numbers of ratings, we plan to start trend-reporting end of 2024. 
Our promise is to be able to paint a representative picture based on all ratings, which affects the planned starting date of the reporting. 

The first locations of the ECTA DRIVERS APP already received 30+ ratings, which activates the feature of viewing the average rating results for those locations/terminals. 

how to contribute

We warmly invite everyone to contribute to the ECTA DRIVERS APP with the goal of improving the chemical truck driver job satisfaction and driver well being in Europe!
Options for contribution are depending on your role in the logistics chain.

  • You are an ECTA Full Member? Reach out to us with your interest to join the APP!
  • You are a Driver? Reach out to your company/companies that are ECTA Full Member with your interest of joining.
  • You are a chemical (un)loading site or terminal? Reach out to us with your interest to provide your locations´ data and a collaboration!
  • You are not an ECTA Full Member but want to see specific (un)loading locations in the ECTA DRIVERS APP? Reach out to us with your interest to provide your locations´data!