ECTA RC KPI Forms 2023

We are pleased to inform you that the latest KPI forms are now available on our website for use with 2023 data.


The timescales are unchanged from last year. We require the fully completed KPI forms along with your company’s RC Improvement Plan by 28th February 2024. Responsible Care members who meet this deadline will have their company names mentioned on our website, in our LinkedIn posts and the ECTA RC membership will be renewed with a certificate.

changes from 2022

In considering what changes to make to the forms, we are mindful that there will be some significant changes to come in the area of emissions reporting when the SQAS questions are revised next year so, on that basis, we have made minimal changes for the 2023 forms. These changes are as follows:

  • For all three KPI forms, the guidance notes for completion of the KPIs has been revised and is included
  • There are no other changes to the Warehousing or Tank Cleaning forms
  • For the Transport form:
    • More detail on alternative fuels and alternative engine technologies in 7.1 & 7.2
    • Further details of intermodal split by transport mode (optional)
    • Calculation of incident ratios (will be done automatically within the spreadsheet)
    • Emissions reporting in section 8 is once again mandatory

mistakes to be avoided

Many of our ECTA RC members will have completed the KPI forms year after year and will be following a tried and tested methodology. However, each year we find mistakes in the data which have to be queried and corrected. The following pointers may be useful especially for people completing the forms for the first time:

  • Read the guidance notes for each section to understand what data is required and how it should be recorded
  • Only include the European legs of any global transport journeys (ie. To and from a European port for deep sea or starting and ending in a European port for short sea)
  • Section 8 emissions reporting follows the format and guidance contained in the SQAS templates
  • Only include incident numbers in section 6. The incident ratios will be calculated automatically based on the formulae in the spreadsheet
  • Kilometres operated in the reporting year to be reported in Millions – ie. 16,356,176 to be entered as 16.4