ECTA zooms in on alternative fuel & engine technologies

The way in which ECTA captures details of vehicle engine technologies and the alternative fuels being used by its members is through the annual Responsible Care KPIs.

Until now, any alternative technologies other than Euro standard diesel engines have been grouped together as one number and alternative fuels were nor split out from this. At the last ECTA Board meeting, it was decided that more detail is now required in this area.

For the 2023 KPIs which will be collected in the first quarter of 2024, one of the changes is expected to be as follows :

Engine technologies

  • Euro VI
  • EuroV
  • Euro <V
  • Hydrogen
  • BEV


  • Diesel
  • Diesel (5% bio blend)
  • 100% biofuel (including HVO)
  • LPG
  • LBG/biomethane

As alternative technologies start to become more mainstream, this will allow ECTA to capture data and monitor the extent to which these technologies are being adopted across the chemical logistics sector.