Increase in covid cases - No Reason For Panic

In most European countries, a rise in Covid-19 cases is visible since a few weeks. National governments and institutions are tracking the number of Covid cases and some are preparing for a possible new period of restrictions.

It appears that similar as in the past, the group of people most vulnerable for serious health risks are elderly people and unvaccinated persons. Main worry again is the risk of wider outbreaks and increased need for hospitalizations.
For the people that do not belong to groups of higher health risks, there is still the responsibility to ensure that spreading of the virus is kept under control as much as possible.

Covid in the chemical logistics

In the European Chemical Logistics industry, over the past two years, we have seen many examples of good, responsible and caring drivers and office staff from ECTA members to manage the continuation of the work entrusted to them by chemical producers.

We now strongly recommend that ECTA members – under the Responsible Care program – review all preventive measures of the past 2 years. They must decide with their customers, which basic steps need to be taken or which steps should be reinstated. Experts’ advice is that creating a high discipline of adhering to basic measures will avoid reaching the situation where more limiting restrictions become necessary.

We also recommend that ECTA members hold simple, short “lessons learned” sessions in their companies to quickly analyze the good (and bad) practices of the past period. Obviously, good communication to drivers and customers is essential to make sure we are all on the same page.