Mobility Package - ECTA Statement

At the last ECTA Annual Meeting in November, Raluca Marian, IRU EU Advocacy Director, gave an update on the latest status of the Mobility Package.

While progress has been made since the Mobility Package got applicable earlier this year, there are several provisions in the EU’s package that still need clear interpretations. This lack of clarity has resulted in a different level of enforcement amongst member states.
Learn more about the IRU mobility package status here.

In her keynote speech, Raluca further zoomed in on the results of a recent driver shortage survey where she indicated that the average age of a truck driver in Europe is 47 years old. 
Due to these unfavorable demographics, the IRU survey expects that the shortage of drivers will increase from 425.000 in 2021 to 1 million by 2026.

These survey results explain why driver shortage, in combination with more sustainable transport solutions and the mobility package remain key attention points in the years to come.