SQAS Assessor training

SQAS 2022 - the cornerstone of ECTA’s Responsible Care Program and the audit system of choice within Chemical Logistics

Chemical logistics is in constant change asking LSP’s to fulfill a continuously higher level of safety, sustainability and quality requirements. Likewise, the SQAS audit assessment system, used as best practice assessment tool for Responsible Care within the chemical industry, needs a continuous update.

SQAS, the safety and quality assessment system for sustainability, strives for logistics excellence and remains the most up-to-date audit assessment system of choice within chemical logistics. Moreover, the assessments happen through carefully selected  accredited SQAS assessors who physically visit the LSP locations. This is different from other audit systems where often “self-assessments” are done without any validation by an independent, accredited auditor.

SQAS assessors 2022

Last week, another selected group of SQAS assessors candidates were subjected to a profound interview and selection process. Those who pass the test will strengthen the SQAS 2022 program very soon.

The SQAS assessor screening and selection process consists of four steps:

  • The pre-qualification criteria
  • The accreditation training including tests and interviews
  • The close performance monitoring and benchmarking
  • The refresher training

The SQAS Technical & Accreditation Committee has continuously refined most of the individual process steps. The tests – both during the initial and the refresher training – have continued to include the revisions of the assessment modules. As such, not only the SQAS modules are reflecting the latest requirements for chemical logistics, but also the training and testing of assessors is being kept up-to-date.

On April 20th, 21st and 26th 2022 Cefic’s SQAS manager Victor Trapani organized the latest training sessions for candidate assessors. For the first time this initial training was held as a digital event. Presentations on Risk Management, Emissions Management and Calculations, Behaviour Based Safety, Prevention of Pellet Loss and other subjects were included in the program. As usual the presenters mainly consisted of members of the SQAS Technical & Accreditation Committee.

At the time of writing this article, the final test results were not yet known. Hopefully this year, 2022, the group of SQAS assessors will be expanded by new ones from countries like Spain, Portugal, Great Britain, Slovakia, Turkey, Germany and France.

SQAS is the cornerstone of ECTA’s Responsible Care program and ECTA and its RC members fully endorse SQAS as the most profound audit methodology for chemical logistics.