Why do we need digital data standards?

Digital data standards are the foundation of digital collaboration and improve transport and logistics.
They help manufacturers and logistics service providers to create:

  • interoperability of transport services,
  • reduce costs,
  • improve safety and
  • foster sustainable innovations.

Standards are somewhat an invisible however very fundamental part of a collaborative Transport and Logistics chain. Therefore, ECTA has issued, since 2020, 7 digital ECTA digital best practice guidelines and organizes next week an ECTA digital webinar to further promote the use of digital standards among the chemical logistics stakeholders including solution providers.  

Digital data standards give customers the confidence that the physical transport of goods is supported by a digital service (ETA, e-order, e-document) that is fit for purpose, is safe, compliant and more sustainable for the environment.
Along those lines, ECTA together with EFTCO & Ceficessenscia is also leading by example and supporting the digital EFTCO Cleaning Document or eECD 2.0 as new industry standard.