ECTA Driver app - how to use

Welcome to the ECTA Driver APP Introduction! We are happy that you are part of our initiative to improve the driver shortage situation. Our number one goals are to give you and your colleagues a voice and an opportunity to rate the (un)loading sites you work with every day!

Thank you for doing such a great job every day and for taking the chance to us and the industry about your daily experiences! 

Table of Contents

What do I get by using the APP?

You will be heard and your experiences will be of major importance to improve your daily workflows with (un)loading sites. 

Moreover, we want to thank you with rewarding the most active driver annually with Goodies like vouchers, introducing them on our ECTA LinkedIn Channel etc. 

Registration process

To register to the ECTA Driver APP you need to be invited by the company/companies you are driving for – contracted or subcontracted. Currently these companies need to be ECTA Members. 

Your Company is an ECTA Member? Ask them to send you an invitation link for registering to the APP.

Registration Steps:

  • You receive your invitation link for the ECTA Driver APP
  • You register by filling in the following information about you: 
    1. Name
    2. E-Mail Address (this does not necessarily need to be a company mailing address, can also be your private one – nobody will contact you this is only for logging in)
    3. A Password of your choice
    4. Additional companies you are driving for (in case you do and these are part of the ECTA Driver APP)
    5. Your preferred language to use the APP (The APP will also check your browser language to help you. Default is always English.)
  • After submitting your registration the Companies you mentioned in your registration process and the one that invited you get a notification to approve you to use the APP. 
  • You will get a confirmation E-Mail when you are approved
  • You can start using the ECTA Driver APP

ECTA Driver APP - without being logged-in

The ECTA Driver APP can be opened via this link: xxxxx

You can always open the APP even without being logged-in. Here you can see all locations that are part of the ECTA Driver APP that can be rated. Moreover, you can see the average ratings per location (after 30 submitted ratings per location) and the number of ratings submitted in total. 

ECTA Driver APP - Login

The ECTA Driver APP can be opened via this link: xxxxx

You can either first search for the needed location or login. You need to be logged-in to submit ratings. 

How to submit ratings

Search for the (un)loading site you want to rate. 

Click on it and use the option “rate“. 

Now you can submit your experience based on five categories: 
1. Safety: How is the (un)loading site handling your and everybody´s safety. Rate with stars (1 worst, 5 best).
2. Waiting time: In comparison to other sites, how long did you wait? Rate with stars (1 long, 5 short).
3. Truck driver treatment: How were you treated by the location´s staff? Rate with stars (1 bad, 5 great).
4. Driver facilities: How is the quality of facilities offered to you by the site? Are there even facilities? Rate with stars (1 there are none, 5 great facilities).
5. Total residence time spent: How long did you stay from registering at the site until leaving the site? Rate in three time categories. 
Moreover, we would like to understand the activity you are rating for with asking you about the (un)loaded product type.
When you are done, you can submit the rating!

The (un)loading site you are looking for is not yet part of the ECTA Driver APP? Reach out to us ( or contact the company you are driving for to contact us. We are doing our best to grow the amount of (un)loading stations that can be rated by you!

I rated, what now?

Thank you for actively using the ECTA Driver APP and submitting good as well as honestly bad ratings – based on your experience!

We, as ECTA, are the only ones that can see your individual rating. Your connected company/companies can only see if and how many times you submitted ratings. 
We, as ECTA, only publish anonymous average ratings within the app. Moreover, we publish the best (and worst) (un)loading locations per quarter on our ECTA Website. 

With publishing this information, we want to motivate the (un)loading sites to improve their way of work thanks to your shared experiences! 
The best ones also will get an award at our ECTA Annual Meeting every year in November.