Experiences with sqas 2022

Per 1st January 2022 the newly revised and amended SQAS questionnaires came into use. In February of this year Cefic’s SQAS Technical & Accreditation committee was presented an analysis of the first 50 assessments using the Transport Service module. Below we summarize the average scores for the chapters 1 to 14 (Core + TS).

Scores 40 to 49%: chapter 9 (emissions)

Scores 50 to 59%: chapter 8 (BBS)

Scores 60 to 69%: chapters 2, 5, 6

Scores 70 to 79%: chapters 1, 3, 10, 11, 13

Scores 80 to 89%: chapters 4, 7

Scores 90 to 99%: chapters 12, 14

SQAS 2022 Results

Not surprisingly, the average overall score for this first group of SQAS TS assessments was a low 67%. For chapter 9 the average score of 40% is in line with the 2021 RC KPI reporting we received from our RC program members.

2022 can be seen as a bridge year. Most ECTA members that do not have their emission management and calculation system in place yet are working on it. We are optimistic that before the end of this year most ECTA members have working systems in place that meet the requirements as referred to in SQAS.

The first analysis also confirms that in 2022 the requirements of chapter 8 (BBS) remain a hurdle for most assessed companies. The score of 54% is clearly disappointing, especially when you realize that chapter 8 did not get changed during the revision process.