ECTA ZERO Emissions Knowledge Platform - Article

During recent months, the ECTA Team discussed the project basis for a ‘Knowledge Platform’ . A Platform that provides documents, references and relevant data. Moreover awareness to the needed efforts of Logistic Companies to work towards the emissions targets of 2030 and 2050 should be raised.
This is the result of the follow up to the main project request of ECTA’s Board of Directors, formulated in February 2021.

ECTA currently builds the Knowledge Platform structure. The planned format that can be easily integrated in the ECTA website, under the umbrella of ECTA’s Responsible Care program. For the management of the Platform a Technical Committee will formed. The Platform structure will include at the start the following subdirectories:

  1. Introduction
  2. EU Legislative Framework for Zero Emissions
  3. Research & Science for Zero Emissions
  4. Applied Technology for Zero Emissions
  5. Platform Technical Committee membership

Other subdirectories may be added in time.

Knowledge Platform technical committee

The membership of the Knowledge Platform Technical Committee is envisaged to include 13 members:

  • 7 permanent members.
    Being the members of ECTA’s Technical & Responsible Care Committee (6 ECTA RC Members’ representatives and the ECTA RC Director)
  • 6 members.
    Coming from the group of ECTA Responsible Care members. Morover, other ECTA members that are committed to playing an active and contributing role in the development and maintenance of the Platform. The criteria for this membership need to be further defined and communicated in the course of 2021. 

limited Access

The second half of 2021 will be used to make a start of building up the content of the Knowledge Platform. Our sources will be ECTA members, legislation, equipment manufacturers, and others. Access to the Zero Emissions Knowledge Platform will be limited to the ECTA Responsible Care members and the members of the Platform Technical Committee even if not being RC Members.

We invite our ECTA Responsible Care members to contact us to ensure that they can go into the restricted website area without a password. For further help, please contact or . 

During our hybrid RC Training Workshop on 7th October 2021, you can expect an extensive update on the Knowledge Platform’s progress.

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